The Change

The Change accumulates a large number of plays on Spotify, “Imperio” SURPASSES 30 MILLION PLAYERS!!!! Carmen Cambiaso, known as “The Change” was born 22 years ago in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Since she was a child she has always been very active. Thanks to her passion for soccer she got a scholarship to study Film and TV at SCAD, Savannah, United States. In 2016, when she arrived in the United States to study her scholarship, her years of change began, which led her to start living with a purpose, to be an “artist”. , which later became her way of life. Today, thanks to the confidence gained in those years, she sings, writes and produces all her songs. She released her first single in December 2018, “Báilame”. , inspired by the nights he used to go out with his friends. In 2020 his third single was released, “Hora Loca” , which currently has over 3 million plays on Spotify. In 2022 The Change arrived with “Cicatrices”. a song that takes us back to the beginnings of the singer, and shows us her versatility not only as a writer, but also as a producer. The Change has been one of the artists nominated in the seventh edition of the Heat Latin Music Awards 2022 in the category “Promising Musician”, and her latest single, “Ibiza” led her to be part of Premios Juventud 2022.