Ley DJ

In times like these, it is comforting to meet DJs who solve their shows with eclecticism and versatility, knowing how to adapt to the environment depending on the place. These are some of the main characteristics of Ley DJ, who always builds bridges between indie and electronic music, as a bridges between indie and electronic music as the best way to make everyone dance to exhaustion. This Valencian based in Barcelona has also released her own tracks (“Get You Up” in 2014, “The Reel” in 2015 or the eight tracks that make up her Periscope EP pt 1 and pt. 2 in 2018 and 2019 respectively), in addition to having worked for bands like Crystal Fighters (twice), releasing through the label PIAS, and for the British also TELEMAN through moshi moshi, label where they also release Metronomy. Highlights are also his two works for the French band Exsonvalves: “Days” and “En silencio”, both with the collaboration of David Van Byrne and David Van Byrne. both with the collaboration of David Van Bylen. In the Spanish territory he has worked for the Basque band Skakeitan remixing his song with Manu Chao “Lerro Husten Artean”. And she has produced remixes for Los Punsetes, La Habitación Roja, Polock, Pol 3.14 or The Crab Apples. She has been the first Spanish DJ to perform on the island of Cuba as part of the Eyeife festival in Havana in 2018, one of the very few to perform on the main stage of FIB and also the only one to play twice at the New Year’s Eve chimes in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento in Valencia. Among the Spanish festivals that have counted on their work are some of the most important in the country: the aforementioned FIB, Mallorca Live, Dcode, Arenal Sound, Low Festival, Sonorama, WARM, Ibiza Rocks or San San.